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Summer is a perfect time of year to go explore, especially, at a breath-taking beautiful beach. One of every girl’s dream when was a kid is to go on a luxury cruise and the destination cannot be anywhere else but the flawless Capri, Italy. For this summer, T and T has selected a destination to go on a journey and fullfill our childhood dream that is to cruise in Capri, the wonderful summer escape that is full with luxury and beauty, and we cannot wait to ask you girls to come along and witness the true wonders with your own eyes.
Experience your first cruising at Capri, Italy with T and T’s girls. First, we’ll work on researching just to get ourselves ready where we’re heading and then pack our bags. Make sure you have everything you need for the cruising, shopping, exploring and partying, as well as T and T’s latest collection’s items, ‘The Basic Cruise,’ such as stripes, swimwear and other items that would make your vacation complete and perfect. What we’d like to recommend is a light, sheer fabric with ruching details in T and T’s signature style. Once the journey begins, the first breeze in Capri, we girls would take a walk around the town just to embrace ourselves in this beautiful weather and scenery, not to mention the unique mood, tone and the colors that are just all over the places. Local market exploring and local food tasting (especially lemons,) are projected in the collection through the prints while the Capri map can also be seen as a beautiful journal of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is not just all about having fun and being adventurous we’re talking here, but also to learn and embrace a magnificent tradition and ways of life in its culture, vibes, artistic works, architectures, plants and nature that are displayed in silhouettes and floral-printed Jacquard elegantly offering a local touch to the collection. When it comes to the end of the journey, one of the activities that can never be forgotten, shopping, splendidly concludes every moment and impression from the beginning to the very last minute of the memorable trip in every way.
So pack your bags and get going to the cruising for the very first time at Capri, Italy with T and T Spring/Summer 2018 Collection.

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